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West Global Containers, dedicated suppliers of new and refurbished shipping containers facilities. We’ve earned a reputation in Texas – and worldwide – as a family owned and operated company who stands by their products and services. We take the daunting task of buying, renting or modifying a steel storage container, and make it easily manageable, easily affordable, and easily customizable.
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Expert In-House Modification Shop (with over 20 years experience)
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We work with individual buyers and companies of all sizes to meet your specific needs and provide the solution you’ve been looking for. If it involves a shipping, storage, steel or cargo containers – we’re the go-to container experts you can rely on for competitive rates, top notch customer service, and unbelievably fast service. Those are the hallmarks of our business, the promises of our company, and the standards our customers can depend on.

PLEASE NOTE: Be Ready for Delivery When the Driver Arrives

Delivery should only take about 15 minutes once the driver arrives (as long as your site is ready). If the driver is required to wait more than 30 minutes after arriving on site to start delivery, the customer may be charged for wait time. If the driver is unable to safely deliver, the customer may still be charged a dry run fee.  We outsource all deliveries to professional local haulers. The customer and driver on site are responsible for all safety decisions (more info in our terms and conditions). Please contact us if you’re not sure about your site.

Make Sure the Truck Can Access Your Delivery Site

In addition to straight away backing space, the truck also needs to be able to maneuver into position at your delivery site. Because 40ft shipping containers are delivered on a tractor-trailer combination, we’ll need extra space to make the turn off the road into your delivery site.

Unfortunately, in many cases this means we cannot deliver 40ft containers to residential locations. However, because 20ft containers are delivered on a shorter roll-back style straight truck, we have a lot more flexibility with delivery options for that size.

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Make Sure Your Site is Prepared for Delivery

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    Please make sure there is enough space for the truck to make wide turns, get between gates or other obstructions, and safely set up for delivery.  Remember, trucks make wide turns.

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    The delivery truck can weigh as much as 45,000-lbs., so soft surfaces such as mud or wet grass can cause the truck to sink and get stuck… If there is a risk of sinking in, the driver may refuse delivery at the site.

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    The truck will be almost 10′ wide, and will need at least 12″ on each side (12′ total width), as well as space to maneuver after the box is dropped (60′ for 20′ containers and 120′ for 40’s + space to turn and drive away).

Purchase Your Storage Containers With Confidence

With almost 20 years in the industry and a leading seller of shipping containers, we purchase thousands of containers from major shipping and container lease companies. Our volume purchasing gets us significant discounts so that we can give you the best prices guaranteed. We have the experience to get you the storage container you want, at a price you can afford.


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