10′ insulated container

10′ insulated containers make up the smallest standard model in our selection of insulated containers. The 3m container with full thermal insulation provides a small, warm and dry storage space. Our smallest insulated container is built for year-round use, including in challenging Finnish winter conditions..



The 10’ insulated container is a very popular storage container for year-round use. The insulation keeps moisture outside, and the radiator ensures that the space is warm year round.  The  container has double doors equipped with an awning, and 2 ventilation valves as standard equipment. An electric supply, heating and access doors are offered as additional equipment. The container is suitable for storage use only, and is only available in new condition.

We use 40mm PIR insulation for the walls, door and ceiling of our insulated containers. The interior walls are white steel sheets, so this bright space is not only easy to keep clean but it is also moisture-resistant. Forget mould-prone wool insulation and plywood walls, and purchase an insulated container that functions well from the beginning. PIR insulation does not develop mould or lose its insulation capacity, with a lifetime twice as long as that of cheap wool + plywood containers.  The same insulation thickness offers 50% greater insulation capacity than XPS and wool insulation, enabling maximisation of the container’s internal dimensions. We supply our containers with mouldings that give them a stylish finishing touch as part of a comprehensively planned whole.

We can also insulate the container using EI60 fire resistant insulation.

Standard equipment

  • Walls, ceiling and doors insulated with 40–60mm PIR
  • Floor insulated underneath 50mm XPS
  • Two ventilation valves
  • Mouldings

Basic details

  • Stackability 4pcs
  • Load capacity (theoretical) max. 600kg/m2
  • Load capacity (theoretical) max. 4,300kg
  • Distance between forklift pockets 900mm