20′ Toilet Container, three standard and one barrier-free toilet, premium

The 20′ Premium Toilet Container built for year-round use. The container has three toilet facilities with separate entrances and one barrier-free toilet with its own entrance. A fully equipped unit that can be rapidly commissioned and, if necessary, quickly moved to another location.



Strong thermal insulation and heating ensure comfortable use, even in winter. Separate exhaust air fans, fresh air valves, and LED lights in all spaces. In the barrier-free facility, there are lights with a motion detector and exhaust fan, a toilet seat equipped with a riser, a separate floor drain, and a front door that can be opened with one hand.

The container can be equipped with numerous accessories or various floor space solutions such as two barrier-free toilets or chemical toilet (caravan) emptying areas. Toilet facilities are equipped with ceramic toilet seats, toilet paper holder, ceramic hand washing sinks, and mirrors. The size of the hot water boiler is 50L and the boiler is equipped with a mixing valve. The design of this barrier-free toilet is based on the recommended instructions and requirements. The Toilet Container can be supplied with special colours and numerous accessories, such as a baby changing table, alarm systems and bidet showers.
Walls 80 mm PUR
Floor 100 mm wool
Ceiling 50 mm wool + 50 mm PIR

  • 3 x exterior door, width of daylight opening 826
  • 1 x exterior door, width of daylight opening 926
  • 4 x LED ceiling light
  • 3 x sink + 1 x accessible toilet sink
  • Hot water boiler and mixing valve
  • 4 x toilet seat + accessible toilet support bars
  • 4 x heater
  • Fresh air valve and exhaust fans
  • Light switches