40′ Double Door Container (DD)

The 40′ Double Door (DD) Container i.e. 12 m Tunnel Container is a container that comes with standard double doors at both end walls. The doors make it easy to load cargo and use the container as a storage facility. The container is an ISO compliant container and it is suitable for international freight use (CSC).




The 40′ DD i.e. 12 m Tunnel Container is a highly practical container for project loading, when loading must be done from both sides. The container has double doors that can be locked at both end walls. The Tunnel Container also offers a quick solution for example at a construction site, where a safe passage through the construction site must be arranged. Both double doors are lockable, so passage can be quickly blocked by closing the doors.

All our 40′ DD Containers are ISO compliant and suitable for freight use (CSC). The floor material in the containers is bamboo or plywood and the container comes with standard ventilation valves, as well as a protective case. Handling by lifting from corner pieces. Containers are only available as new



Length: 12192 mm, Width: 2438 mm, Height: 2591 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 11978 mm, Width: 2352 mm, Height: 2393 mm.

Capacity: 67 m3